The delegation of the State Commitee on Affairs with Diaspora started to participate at meetings in the U.S.

The State Commitee on Affairs with Diaspora’s delegation trip to the U.S. started from visiting the bust of National Leader Heydar Aliyev in the Honorary Consulate of Azerbaijan in Los-Angeles.
Then the delegation had a meeting with the Honorary Consil of Mexico in Los Angeles. During the meeting the Honorary Consil, Carlos Eugenio Garcia de Alba Zepeda was informed about diaspora policy of Azerbaijan, activities of the Diaspora Committee and the Foundation for support of Azerbaijani Diaspora. There were deep discussions about future partnership perspectives between two countries and diasporas, history of Mexican diaspora in the U.S., geography, challenges, development process and future plans for collaborative achievements.
** *
The delegation’s next meeting was held with Martin Crouming, Execture director of San Diego – Baku Friendship Association. The head of the committee greeted the guest at the Honorary Consulate of Azerbaijan and together they discussed activities of the Foundation for support of Azerbaijani Diaspora, emphasized on importance of mutual partnerships. Then they agreed on activities for promotion of Azerbaijani culture and historical truths.
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Later our delegation met with 40 members of Korea-Asian Community and introduced a short movie about tolerance model of Azerbaijan at the Honorary Consulate of Azerbaijan. During this meeting relationships between Azerbaijan and Asian countries, especially Korea, tourism potential of Azerbaijan and current situation of Azerbaijani diaspora in the world, were brought to the attention of the guests. The meeting of questions and answers format caused incerasing of interest. At the end of the event, representatives of both nations decided to combine their efforts for tight cooperation in California, U.S.
** *
During this day, a meeting was organized with Richard Sandler, former Head of Board of North American Jewish Federation, Vice-President of Milken Family Foundation and Board member of Foundation of California Berkeley University. During the meeting, they discussed relationships between Azerbaijan and Jewish communities and cooperation perspectives between the Foundation for Support Azerbaijani Diaspora and Milken Foundation.
** *
The delegation team also participated at the event, organized by Iranian American Jewish Federation. The head of the committee, Fuad Muradov spoke about friendship between Azerbaijan and Jewish nations, history of Azerbaijan-Israel relationships and emphasized on strengthening of relationships between two nations in the U.S. and importance of joint activities.
We should also note that Nasimi Aghayev, the Honorary Counsil of Azerbaijan in Los-Angeles, accompanied the committee’delegation in meetings.