A special lesson devoted to our flag was held at the Azerbaijani language school in Canada

A special lesson devoted to the Day of National Flag of Azerbaijan was held in the Azerbaijani language school in Toronto, Canada.
The lesson was organized on an educational and entertaining program, giving children the information about the history of our national flag, the colors on it, a white crescent and an eight-pointed star in the center, as well as other state attributes.
During the lesson, our young friends sang poems about the flag and the homeland.
It should be noted that the Azerbaijani language school in Toronto operates under the direction of our compatriot Yegana Jafarova, who has lived in Canada for many years.
The school plays an important role in the teaching of the Azerbaijani language and developing of language skills of the children of Azerbaijani families living in the capital and surrounding areas.
Not only language, but also by teaching about Azerbaijani culture, national traditions, history, geography and about other disciplines, the language school is increasing knowledge of our young friends.