Another Azerbaijani house was opened in Cologne, Germany

One of the Azerbaijani houses that are important for the unity of our compatriots living abroad was opened on December 25 in Cologne, Germany.
Cologne Azerbaijani house, established in accordance with the Strategic Roadmap of the Committee, was put into operation on the initiative and support of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora. The Azerbaijani house in Cologne, as well as in other cities, is a place of discussion, a meeting place for anyone who loves our country and people and respects our national interests, as well as our compatriots.
The opening ceremony was attended by a delegation of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora, representatives of the Embassy of Azerbaijan to Germany, members of Germany Azerbaijanis Alliance diaspora activists, compatriots, the public and the media representatives.
Speakers at the event spoke about the importance of Azerbaijani houses and stressed that these houses are particularly important for the unity and cooperation of our compatriots. In their speeches, our compatriots noted that the establishment of the houses is an example of the care and attention of our state to the Azerbaijanis living abroad.
The event was followed by a concert program covering Azerbaijani music.
It should be noted that, another Azerbaijani house in Germany was opened on December 24 in Berlin.